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Scannet recognizes and scans more IDs than any other system on the market.

SCANNET Features

Our ID Scanner comes with many features right out of the box including FREE SOFTWARE UPDATES and LIBRARY UPDATES.

FACT: Scannet Reads More IDs With Better Accuracy Faster Than Any Other ID Scanner On The Market!

What Is Scannet?

SCANNET is an ID Scanner and a revolution for nightclub and bar owners to scan patrons IDs, providing the ultimate control, security and management tool, whilst delivering in-depth marketing analysis, statistics and data-collection.

AUTHENTICATE and verify your customers ID, take a live updated photo to verify against the ID photo at the same time cross checking for alerts all in under 2 seconds.

DOUBLE ENTRY ALERTS Scannet scanners will alert the operator should a patron who’s ID has already been scanned try to enter your venue twice in the same night, this prevents patrons sharing their ID or trying to use another ID of the same person.

BANNING PATRONS Automatically verify customers ID against your venues BANNED list, Scannet nightclub ID scanner uses different algorithms in matching these details preventing banned people from using different IDs.

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP Did you know that you can even enroll your customers from your website? You can enroll your existing customers into the membership system which means on their next visit they can simply scan their finger on the scanner or use a membership card which will enrol them into your venue like they scanned their ID… more

FAKE ID DETECTION Authenticate and verify documents via SCANNET’s authentication engines driven by sophisticated algorithms meaning in full authentication mode venues can say goodbye to Fake IDs… more

REPORTING Do you know the average distance your customers travel to get to your nightclub? SCANNET is the fastest way to receive accurate marketing analytic’s allowing you to compare your venues at a glance. You even receive a nightly text and or email summary of the nights activities.

ID SCANNER SUPPORT Scannet customers can contact Scannet Support 7 days a week either through the Scannet system using live “CHAT” button or by telephone 1800 261 034more

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