Newcastle reduction in alcohol related violence

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According to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research March Quarterly report released earlier this month, assaults on licensed premises fell by 7.7 percent between March 2011 and 2013.

The report, which looked at 154 local government areas across NSW, uncovered the number of assaults at pubs decreased by 6.6 percent.

Clubs fared a little better, with assaults down by 13.2 percent, however glassing assaults remained fairly stable.

Paul Nicolaou, CEO, Australian Hotels Association NSW said the figures highlight the additional work pub and club owners are doing to implement their own measures on top of those required by law.

“This proves what we have been saying for some time now – that hoteliers have been working hard on proactive measures that are actually reaping results,” he told TheShout.

Nicolaou said Newcastle, a city once renowned for its high incidence of on premise alcohol-related-violence, has improved its reputation thanks to local hoteliers.

“What the so-called experts that heralded the Newcastle destruction won’t tell you is, that assault rates went back up in 2011 and they had two of the four NSW venues on the top violent venues tier then.”

“It was only when the premises implemented their own additional measures that assaults dropped to where they are now; namely the voluntary introduction by hoteliers of multi-venue scanning and barring using Scannet ID Scanners targeting the people doing the wrong thing.

“The reality is, assaults on licensed premises are at their lowest levels in more than a decade – there’s no safer place to be than your local and that is borne out by these figures,” he said.