Fake ID Detection

Scannet Document Authentication Fake ID Detection

Using proprietary authentication engines which use sophisticated algorithms to audit the authenticity of the document and to provide a ‘yes/no’ answer. The engines are flexible and can work in a ‘full authentication’ mode when it’s supplied with multiple images and biometric chip data or in a ‘basic validation’ mode.

Fake ID detection, Document OCR, Age Verification, Passport Scanning, Bespoke Software Development and ID Checking. The scannet software solutions and authentication processes can be applied to most scanner types to deliver low level MRZ and data collection, through to full UV, RFID, Smart Card and Infrared authentication through dedicated passport scanners.

Biometric capturing/verification and identification

We use biometrics to provide additional authentication and other high level features. We compare the image taken from a biometric chip with the image on the visible passport.

Scannet provides automated document authentication, fake ID detection, ID checking, for more than 3,750 global identity documents and deliver authenticated, automated results. Scannet looks at the security features of each individual ID and authenticates each document in under 2 seconds.

Scannet uses advanced mathematical algorithms, colour wave-length technology together with an encyclopaedic knowledge of these documented IDs, to automatically process images captured by passport scanners to provide ID validation.

That’s why the Scannet ID Scanner is the most advanced and affordable system available on the market.