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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Scannet detect a fake ID ?

YES . Scannet ID scanners and authentication engines use sophisticated algorithms to audit the authenticity of the document and to provide a ‘yes/no’ answer. The engines are flexible and can work in a ‘full authentication’ mode when it’s supplied with multiple images and biometric chip data or in a ‘basic validation’ mode.

Fake ID detection, Document OCR, Age Verification, Passport Scanning, Bespoke Software Development and ID Checking. Our IDscan software solutions and authentication processes can be applied to most scanner types to deliver low level MRZ and data collection, through to full UV, RFID, coaxial, Smart Card and Infrared authentication through dedicated passport scanners.

What forms of Id will Scannet read?

Scannet provides the worlds largest library of document authentication, fake ID detection, ID checking, passport and driving license OCR; we capture the textual & image information from more than 3700 global identity documents and deliver authenticated, automated results in under 2 seconds without Turbo Scan.

What are your support terms?

Each Scannet system comes with 24/7 support and is made available from a support button built into the Scannet software.

How fast is Scannet when scanning IDs?

Scannet takes between 1.5 to 2 seconds to process each document in standard mode, in Turbo mode the scan times will be anywhere from 0.5 to 1 second.

What do I need to do once I purchase Scannet?

Your Scannet system will need a power point and data connection for internet access (wireless is fine provided you only use one terminal).

I have multiple entries can we have more than one system?

Yes we can connect as many terminals as required and link them all back to the one database.

Is my data secure when scanned? How long is it kept.

– Data stored in encrypted form.
– Scannet will typically automatically purge all personal information after a 28-day retention period
– Safeguards for transmission of data internally and externally.