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How They Work in the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy

You’ll drink to this: earlier this month, the Queensland Safe Night Strategy took effect in the state of Queensland. And hopefully that means safer, better nights for everyone in Queensland.

It also means that new pieces of technology will be greeting patrons at a number of pubs, clubs, bars, and other entertainment venues in Queensland. The name of the technology? ID scanners.

 ID scanners come in various varieties, of course. Some are handheld and easy to carry around. Others are more sophisticated and are linked up to large screens. These more advanced ID scanning systems can detect fake IDs and scan a card in less than a second.

It’s this latter type that will be most prominent in the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy. While they will be helpful in detecting underage patrons (who may try to get in with a fake ID), their true power is seen in their ability to act as a connect network.

Why is this so important to the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy?

To answer this question, it’s important to take a brief look at the banning orders that will play a role in the strategy.

First off all, the police will be allowed to ban someone from a licensed venue if that person is guilty of anti-social behaviour – whether it’s some violent act or offensive conduct of some sort. What’s more, police can also ban someone even if the person isn’t at a licensed venue. If they’re at a public event or one of the Safe Night Precincts, then a ban notice can be written up.

The banning order can be in effect for 10 days – unless the offender has had a history of previous anti-social incidents. In this case, the banning order can be extended to up to 3 months.

Furthermore, the banning order can apply to not just one licensed venue or one precinct, but it can apply to all. This means that the offender will not be allowed to enter any entertainment venues for the duration of the ban. And if the offender violates the order, he or she can be fined over $6000 – a hefty price, indeed.

Here’s where ID scanners come in. The offender’s ID information is linked up with a whole network of ID scanners, so no matter where he or she tries to go, the ban will be present.

It’s difficult to beat these ID scanning systems, too, given that they are able to detect fake IDs and IDs that have been tampered with. So the banned individual will remain banned until the order is lifted.

This, of course, will dramatically reduce alcohol-related violence in the Queensland nightlife. Individuals guilty of anti-social behaviour often repeat this behaviour. By banning these few offenders from entertainment venues and precincts, everyone else can truly enjoy Queensland’s vibrant night scene.

Which is why a lot of people might drink to the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy, you know?