Ipad Mobi IDscan App

The IDscan Mobi data app is the easiest and quickest way to build your database in the field.

You can customize the app to record just mobile numbers or add email, DOB, gender take a photo.

Download the IDscan Mobi App from theĀ iTunesĀ App Store and enjoy your first 50 added contacts at no charge – If you decide you love the App as much as we do then you can opt to upgrade to the full paid version; which has no restrictions on the size of your database.

  • Create Event: Schedule with start and end date;
  • Analytics Report;
  • Download all the data from either your iPad or online;
  • Import the data for your DB or marketing Server;
  • Offline data collection (inside tunnel;
  • Automatic saving of data in case of battery failure;
  • Real-time data upload;


  • Fill the fields quickly
  • Personalized shortcut
  • Personalized fields sequence
  • Take pictures of your customers tagged to their data
  • 3G , 2G, GPRS or Wifi NOT required for operation
  • Picture gallery with all data printed on the photo
  • Creates your own Data Address Book in the iPhone