Information You Should Provide Your Patrons

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Outlined below are some of the things you should inform your patrons about when scanning IDs:

Requirement. First and foremost, you need to make it clear the requirement for your business to be scanning their IDs. Make this clear so that none of your patrons resist when you ask them to show their IDs. Some people are known to get confrontational if asked to show their IDs without any reason provided for it.

Usage. You should also make clear the ways in which the information collected from the patrons’ ID cards will be used by your establishment. In this case, the purpose is to know about the patrons who are inside the venue at a given time. You can also use the database to filter out any unwanted patrons who have caused trouble in the past.

Purpose. You have to inform the patrons about the purpose for ID scanning. Rather than telling them it is for the protection of your business interests, you should let them know that the purpose is to make the venue safer for them.

Retention. You should list it in your ID scanning policy how long you are going to retain the data for. For instance, the legal guidelines suggest you keep the data on record for 28 days and then delete it over the next 30 days. However, you can make an exception to this rule but inform the patrons about it.

Security. It is important for you to assure the patrons that their data is stored safely and securely and that any unauthorized access is prevented. For this, you need to install software or devices in addition to the ID scanners you use. Make sure you acquire the necessary paraphernalia at the time you buy the scanners.

Contact Information. You need to provide a contact number or email address through which the patrons can get in touch with you regarding any matter related to ID scanning or the privacy policy you have implemented for the data you collect. Inform them of the number of the department or member of your staff who handles the data collected through the scanners.

While you cannot go around the requirement to scan the IDs of your patrons, particularly if you suspect they are underage, you do have to ensure that the patrons are made comfortable and don’t have any issues with the ID scanning process. Otherwise, they might take their business to one of your competitors.