Metropolis Fremantle & Amplifier Capitol – New ID Scanners!

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Out with the old in with the new at both Metropolis Anatole and Amplifier Capitol!

Scannet is proud to announce its involvement in implementing the latest ID scanning technology into two of  WA’s largest licensed venues Metropolis Anatole and Amplifier Capitol, with its previous owners the venues first implemented ID scanning back in 2006 proving to be a success in deterring unwanted antisocial behavior.  In 2008 Metropolis Anatole was purchased by new owner David Heaton then only last year David went on to purchase Amplifier Capitol.

CFO of  Metropolis Anatole and Amplifier Capitol Ricky Stylianou was not convinced that their current ID scanning system was the right solution for their venues for a number of reasons;  one major factor being the on going weekly expense. After doing some research as to what other options were available on the market he contacted us to organize an online demonstration of Scannet.

Ricky explains: after seeing Scannet in action and being utterly impressed with it’s capabilities we decided to get a demo unit sent over to trial against our current system, it didn’t take us long to workout that Scannet was going to be more suitable for our venues if only based on one factor alone; that being the ability to get our paying customers through the door much faster because of Scannet’s ability to scan patrons ID’s in less than quarter of the time than our current system can.

After ensuring that they complied with The National Privacy Principles under The Privacy Act 1988 the decision to implement Scannet as their new ID Scanning Solution was made; Ricky goes on to say “Scannet really is a great piece of equipment with benefits such as the fact, at the touch of a button, I will know exactly how many people are in the venue at any given time along with male to female ratios, will be able to control the venues banned patrons list in house, search by updated photos for patrons, control our membership system using Scannet and also knowing that all our venue information including all demographics such as in-depth marketing analysis and statistics is kept in-house and only accessible  to venue management means we can rest assure our data cannot be used by competitors for financial gain; with the help of Joel and his team we couldn’t be happier with the transition from our previous system to Scannet and their ongoing support assisting our staff when needed.

 David Comments: “We can also confirm that during the course of which Scannet has been installed  between the two locations the cost savings from Scannet to our previous system has paid for  the installation and equipment for one venue and the other is well on its way”

ScannetHD would  like to take the time to thank both David and Ricky for choosing Scannet and for their positive feedback.

We believe that the implementation of Scannet is another clear example of how we are constantly striving to lead the way by providing venues the safest environments for their patrons and their communities.