Scannet the world’s most advanced Nightclub ID Scanner 

Reduce Violence By Upgrading Your Nightclub ID Scanner Verification System

Are you a bar, pub, or nightclub owner who has seen his share of violent incidents and assaults? Are you tired of having to deal with the same ruffians time and again? Scannet Nightclub ID Scanner can help!

What is Scannet?

Scannet is the latest innovation in ID age verification systems. This nightclub ID scanner provides a high-tech solution for collecting and storing data while sifting through potential trouble making patrons by creating a barred list that can be shared with other venues.

Scannet creates a catalogue of patrons by scanning their driver’s license, visa, passport, or other acceptable form of identification. The nightclub ID scanner puts together a database, which stores the customer’s’ information including their photo and age.

How can Scannet Help Me?

By implementing this groundbreaking bar ID scanner into your venue’s patron verification system, you are reducing the risk of fake ID usage, as well as protecting your clients against stolen IDs. The age verification feature flags when a fake ID is being presented and issues a warning in the system, allowing you to take action against those who attempt to fraudulently enter your bar or nightclub.

A double entry alert will also flag within your system should two people attempt to use the same ID in one night, enabling you to stop the action before it escalates, and even allow you to add the shifty patrons to your banned list.

The Scannet license scanner also enables you to develop a banned list drawn from people who use multiple IDs to enter clubs, as well as those who are continuous troublemakers. A beneficial feature of the Scannet ID Scanner is the fact that you can even share your banned list with other venues and vice versa, taking a stand against violence across your city from the inside out.

Does Scannet Really Work?

Yes! The Scannet venue ID scanner has been integrated into nightclubs, bars, and pubs across Australia, and has shown a decline in violent incidents in many well-known venues. The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics showed a dramatic drop in violence in the area in just a two-year span – thanks to local venues utilizing the Scannet nightclub ID scanner. Violent assaults reported at pubs were down by 6.6 percent, and club assaults decreased an impressive 13.2 percent! The city of Newcastle which was once known for its high rate of alcohol related bar violence has even shown a dramatic improvement as a result of the usage of the Scannet bar ID scanner, allowing pubs and bars to have themselves removed from the NSW declared premises reporting list.

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The improvement of your venue begins with your decision to get the Scannet ID scanner. For a low weekly rate, you can take back control of your bar or nightclub with this innovative security and management resource, providing you with extensive data analysis and statistics all while reducing violence thereby protecting your honored patrons well being.

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