Purchasing an ID Scanner

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Things to Consider When Purchasing an ID Scanner

Some businesses are bound by law to verify the age of their customers before completing the transaction. Common examples of these are nightclubs, liquor stores and bars. The general rule regarding allowing people into such places is that they have to be over 18 years of age. One of the most effective ways to verify the age is investing in an ID scanner. You can scan the identification cards or documents provided by your patrons. It wouldn’t take long for you to discover whether the ID is fake or valid.

Fake IDs have been a concern for businesses. While it does boost their sales somewhat, as more patrons mean more sales, it puts them on the wrong side of the law, which is a dangerous place to tread. So, purchasing an ID scanner is the way to go. However, not all scanners are made equal. When you are selecting a nightclub ID scanner, there are some things you need to consider to ensure you make the right choice.

Scanning Capabilities

The first and perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is the scanning capability of the device you are checking out. Generally, patrons will present their driving license or cards provided by the government. The scanner you select should be able to scan and verify these documents.

Type of Device

There is no point purchasing an ID scanner that is inside the nightclub or placed inconveniently in a liquor store. The idea is to prevent underage people from entering the premises.. The ID scanning should happen at the front of the venue that way only eligible people will enter the business. The ideal approach is to have a separate device for each entrance.

Data Storage

Data storage is provided as a feature on ID scanners. Having built-in memory allows the scanner to store the data about the card or document which was scanned, this data is generally deleted permanently after 28 days provided the patron hasn’t been placed on a banned list or in the membership system.

Ease of Use

The scanner has to be easy to use and operate. You don’t want your staff to be confused over how to operate the machine. The process of scanning the ID has to be completed in seconds. Else, there might be long queues outside your premises. Therefore, it is best that you test the device while browsing through the options. Also, the data projected on the scanner’s screen should be easily viewable for the people operating the device.

These are the main factors you should consider when purchasing an ID scanner. Granted that price is an important consideration, but if you focus on quality, spending a little extra shouldn’t be an issue.