Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy.

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What is the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy?

It has been unveiled this month in 15 Queensland precincts. It’s the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy (which is, admittedly, a bit of a mouthful). It was created to make the Queensland night scene much safer for everyone. But what really are the main components of the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy?

To answer this question, it would perhaps be best to actually take a look at the objective of the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy, which has been spelled out in no uncertain terms:

“A strategy to restore responsible behaviour and respect, stamp out alcohol and drug-related violence and ensure Queensland’s nightlife is safe for all.”

Pretty straightforward, and pretty neat.

Here’s how the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy will work.

  • Setting clear standards. Patrons will know, in a crystal-clear way, exactly what they should and should not do when they have alcohol. This will be backed up with an awareness campaign that will highlight the expected standards of behavior for everyone in nightlife scene.
  • An educational campaign will begin that will showcase the various cultural aspects of alcohol consumption – such as the social expectations and attitudes around drinking, as well as the risks of binge drinking. The best part? It’s going to be available to all Queensland students in year 7 to year 12. This will pretty handily form a strong culture of social responsibility.
  • Stiffer penalties. Violence fueled by alcohol will now have more serious consequences in Queensland. For starters, intoxication can no longer be used as a reason to decrease a person’s sentence. Want to urinate in a public place after getting a bit drunk? You’ll be slammed with an on-the-spot fine of up to $440.
  • More responsibility for venues. Pubs, bars, and clubs will be required to use ID scanners to scan the ID of each patron they allow in. Importantly, these ID scanners have to be networkable. That means that each of these Queensland ID scanners will be connected to each other, which will make it easy to ban offenders from multiple locales.
  • Time to sober up. Individuals who are clearly intoxicated and who could harm themselves or others will be detained by police at a so-called “sober safe centre.” Here, they’ll be allowed to sober up in a safe environment, minimizing the chances of anyone getting hurt or anyone’s property being damaged. Expectedly, those who are detained at the “sober safe centre” will be charged part of the costs for their stay.

Taken together, all of these efforts are strongly expected to shape the Queensland nightlife into one that is truly enviable for its safety and vibrancy. Nor are these all of the measures that will be taken – actually, this is only a small part of the bigger picture of the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy. An important part of this strategy will be getting the message across to all Queenslanders – the message that social responsibility makes everyone happier and safer while enjoying the night life.