Be Safe – It’s Your Responsibility.

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Queensland’s Awareness Campaign

This is shaping up to be a great month in Queensland.

Here’s why: on the night of October 3 – a Friday – the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy began in full swing across Queensland.

This strategy, it is hoped, will make the Queensland nightlife scene much safer and more enjoyable. By more severely punishing anti-social behaviour on the part of patrons, and by spreading awareness about social responsibility and alcohol, the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy should create a friendlier night atmosphere for everyone.

There are a host of initiatives that are all part of this action plan, such as better late-night transportation for patrons returning home and Queensland ID scanners – which will stop troublesome patrons at the door.

But Queensland also has its eyes set on planting the seeds for a long-term safe night strategy. That means using education for schoolchildren in years 7 to 12 to help highlight the social responsibility side of drinking. Additionally, an advertising campaign for the Queensland Safe Night Out Strategy has recently been broadcasted to thousands of Queenslanders.

This awareness campaign will help educate people of all ages about their responsibility in drinking and what’s considered anti-social behaviour. In fact, the Queensland Police have recently rolled out a 30 second video ad that “pulls the red card” on anti-social behaviour. The video depicts scenes in which most people are just having a good time – while one particular person is fomenting anti-social behaviour (whether it’s yelling in someone’s face or smashing glass on the floor). The people around the offender then pull out red cards. The video ends with the memorable line “We’re red carding anti-social behaviour.”

The ad campaign goes well beyond just the realm of video, however. Ad posters have begun to sprout up around Queensland, each with different messages but all focused on one central theme: it’s time to get rid of anti-social behaviour and make the Queensland nightlife safer for everyone.

For example, one poster starts off with the headline “Be Safe – It’s Your Responsibility.” It then goes on to succinctly capture what it means to be safe and responsible:

Be prepared – Plan your night

Enjoy alcohol responsibly – Know your limits