Scannet set to help Fannys Nightclub Newcastle

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Fanny’s of Newcastle Nightclub has been placed as the number 2 venue on NSW declared premises reporting list with 30 strikes. These latest results are for the period from January – December 2011 and do not reflect the current efforts and achievements of the management team currently in place.

In 2011, there was an abnormal spike in incidents in July, which contributed nearly 30% of the total incidents reported over the measurement period. Notwithstanding, we are bitterly disappointed with the result and the behaviour of a small number of our former patrons. We have identified we have an issue and have been working to rectify this in the past five months.

The current management team purchased Fanny’s of Newcastle, during this reporting period. Since that time, we have had the aim of not only reducing incidents, but removing Fanny’s entirely from this reporting list.

We are as committed as ever to achieving this goal and have been implementing the following initiatives.

1. Since January 2012, we at Fanny’s have focused squarely on behaviour of patrons. Any patrons engaging in behaviour we deem socially unacceptable, in our or other venues within Newcastle, have been banned without warnings or cool off periods. Banned patrons are kept on our scanning database and are solid defence as everyone who attends Fannys must be scanned on arrival.

2. This has resulted in over 250 persons in five months being subject to bans. These bans can be from 3 months to an indefinite period.

3. Yes, we are being stringent and probably don’t always get it right and some people have complained about being unfairly or harshly treated but we have to make people aware that any aggression is not normal behaviour and its just not acceptable!

4. We have employed more security, more managers on the floor, changed our music policy and encouraged safe responsible drinking practices like we always have with well trained staff, water and food always readily available.

Because of the nature of the reporting process, the July abnormal month of last year will be with us for another announcement in August. However, we anticipate being off the Tier One Declared Premises Reporting List at this announcement next year as our data shows that since implementing these new initiatives, results and feedback from the police has been very positive.

We as always are working with the Police and representative from the Office of Licencing, Gaming and Racing with extra initiatives and are currently finalising advice on the legality of shared barring lists between other venues in Newcastle, so that those people behaving in an unacceptable manner will find themselves unable to attend any licensed premises in the Newcastle area.

We are proud of our venue and 99.9% of the patrons that attended in 2011. We are committed to provide the best in sound entertainment and patron behaviour in 2012.