Mobile ID Scanner for Police

Scannet Mobile ID Scanner

Scannet Mobile: ID Scanner Perfect for Police when issuing move on orders to unwanted revellers in one of the many Scannet Safer Clubbing at Night Network Precincts; by scanning their ID then and there they will prevent their re-gaining access into the  any of the precincts late night licensed venues.

Scannet: customers scan more than one million documents every month and with deployment in over 1000 locations globally; it has become a cornerstone for leisure, providing the ultimate control, security and management tool, whilst delivering in-depth marketing analysis, statistics and data-collection.

Scannet: portable ID scanner provides a unique way of cataloguing customers and forecasting future business. In addition, it automatically calculates age, logs nightly business activity, and even has the capability to detect fake IDs.

  • Automated process in under 2 seconds
  • Reads 3000+ IDs and passports
  • UV, Infrared and Bio-chip authentication
  • Portable, accurate and very easy to use
  • Scan, sign and securely store all images on your network
  • Extract contact data from scanned ID documents

ScannetHD Ban System

The SCAN NET Software Ban system – How does it work?