SCAN NET Software Ban system

The SCAN NET Software Ban system – How does it work?

When an Ban is applied, personal details are not provided to participating venues, basic data is delivered in an encrypted format that is released when a percentage of random factors are the same as those presented by the newly arrived customer. When this happens an “ALERT” is raised and an image of the new customer and the image of the customer with the “ALERT” are raised side by side.

The operator is asked the question: ARE THESE TWO PEOPLE THE SAME PERSON?


If they are, then the Operator is asked: DO YOU WANT TO SEE THE ALERT?

The operator will then see:

The reason for the alert,
The originating location,
The date of the alert,
Any other notes,

The operator is then asked: DO YOU WANT THIS PERSON TO ENTER THE VENUE?

Scannet Hardware

We offer SCANNET in four separate hardware options.