Scannet Turbo Scan

NEW Scannet Turbo Scan!

Your customers will spend less time queuing  up and more time in your venue!

Scan IDs in under one second in TURBO mode. With Scannet Turbo Scan you can scan any form of ID in under 1 second 650% faster than any other ID scanner in the world! Driver’s licenses, student IDs, passports, and visas can be scanned and stored with the image of the ID holder in your system for future reference. Every scan is checked and validated against 3,000 references, ensuring that those who present an ID to you are exactly who they say they are, and alerting you to fake IDs. When you need a fast turnaround, you can get patrons through the line quickly and efficiently with the Scannet Turbo Scan feature.

Watch how Turbo Scan will help your venue in the video below.

Fake ID Detection

Scannet provides automated document authentication, fake ID detection.