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SCANNET is a revolution for Nightclub ID Scanner and bar owners, providing the ultimate control, security and management tool, whilst delivering in-depth marketing analysis, statistics and data-collection.

SCANNET provides a unique way of cataloguing customers and forecasting future business. In addition, it automatically calculates age, logs nightly business activity, and even has the capability to detect fake ID’s. SCANNET is a perfect tool for any licensed venue looking for a solution to improve it’s security, image and increase business.

When an ID is scanned, SCANNET automatically:

  •  Displays age, generating alert messages if     they are under 18
  •  Determines if the ID is expired
  •  Determines the documents authenticity
  •  Determines if the ID was presented earlier on the same night
  •  Shows Customer Status – VIP, General Admission, or Banned
  •  Adds the record to the Scannet Database

SCANNET Marketing Features:

  •  Top 200 customers
  •  Birthdays next month
  • 21 years old next month
  •  Male vs Female ratio
  •  Card membership
  •  Enrol your members online
  •  Biometric membership
  •  Update customers photos with webcam
  •  Allows you to enrol the customer into your membership program

SCANNET Security Features:

  •  More than 3750 documents, the largest library in the World
  •  Extracts data, from documents in full colour in under 2 seconds
  •  Fake ID detection
  •  Alerts to underage and banned customers as well as double entries
  •  Reads pass accredited cards
  •  Flash ban (banning detects multiple IDs from same customer)
  •  Network flash ban (customers within group, town, city and country)
  •  Biometric sign-in
  •  Infrared, Ultraviolet, RFID detection and Smart Card reader option
  •  Witness list in seconds
  •  DDDS encryption the World’s most secure encryption

SCANNET Control Features:

  •  Instant witness list delivered in multiple views
  •  Multiple view options
  •  Email nightly reports
  •  Works with multiple IDs from same customer
  •  Full multi-user audit (Information Commissioner requirement)
  •  Set different user levels access rights
  •  Auto Purge of old data after 7 days, 28 days, 3, 6 or 12 months
  •  Ban customers set length of ban
  •  Network 2 or more systems – unlimited